15-minute cities, a proposal to create well-being


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How many meetings have you had this week? How long did it take you today to have an effective meeting compared to the days before the pandemic where you had to move? For a single meeting before you need at least two hours of your life.

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The architect Alfredo Hidalgo Rassmusen explains that the new dynamics to which the coronavirus pandemic forced us, has allowed us to take advantage of that time of moving with the family, for recreation or work

But there is something else, almost imperceptible, but important: it also reduced the carbon footprint that we generate daily, in addition to stress. These two factors are two basic to understand the idea of 15-minute cities.

15-minute cities, transforming

spaces But what are 15-minute cities? Hidalgo Rassmusen explains that 15-minute cities propose a transformation of spaces, of the structure that our spaces have today.

“The idea is for a citizen to cover their basic needs in 15 minutes, to daily destinations, using the bicycle , even walking; transforming public spaces, for example, removing parking lots to turn them into green spaces, ”he said.

During his participation in the Wellbeing 360º forum, he added that this type of city was an idea prior to the pandemic, but that it has taken hold and already There are some examples such as Paris, in France, and Medellín, in Colombia.

After the pandemic, we need to think about how our post-Covid world will be redesigned, how do we return to the streets, how do we create healthy cities, how do we make urban transformations ? he wondered

The Covid put us to the test and after that coup it is necessary to think about changing the way we are living, how do we create more flexible cities that allow us to enjoy the outdoors, that link and At the same time allow us to keep our distance?

This is a journey that we have to do together, says Alfredo Hidalgo Rassmusen, it is not an instantaneous transformation, it is a path to equip our esp Acios of heart, create cities with well-being and happy people

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