3 skills not taught in college, but necessary at work


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MEXICO CITY.- Covid-19 brought with it greater digitization and with it the acceleration of the automation of various activities, allowing more people to join the digital world.

It also reinforced the perception of Mexicans, the 47 % of respondents in the third edition of the "Skills Gap Report" conducted by Udemy, believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will be able to do their job in the next five years.

This perception can be understood because the 73% of Mexican workers consider that their university education did not prepare them with the necessary skills for their current job , leading them to affirm that there is a skills gap in the country with 72%, of which 68% consider that it affects them at the However, when asked about their perception at the country level, 77% agree that the Mexican labor market is competitive in the global economy.

Trabajadores com promised with their professional update

Faced with this scenario, workers do not sit idly by and take responsibility for their professional update, hence 89% are learning new skills to do their jobs effectively

Their learning is aligned the skills they consider most valued by employers , these being leadership and management with 63% and technological with 59% ; Along the same lines, respondents consider that the most difficult to learn are leadership and management (54%), followed by technology (48%).

Also, according to this “Skills Gap Report”, 93% said they are excited to learn new skills that will help them change jobs in the future, whether to achieve or stay in the same, 42% learn through online courses and 37% trust their company's professional development programs .

But workers are not alone as 74% say their employer provides some form of professional development, and 80% agree that promoting a culture of learning is important for the company they work for. But in the event that they were not given training in their company, 67% of the respondents would be willing to leave their job

What about employers?

One of the difficulties they face in keeping their organization at the same pace as I innovate them technological reasons to remain competitive is the lack of personnel with the necessary technological and soft skills. Being those that most value in candidates and employees leadership / management with 63% and technical / digital skills with 59%

And in the face of the increase in digital acceleration, 78% of employers believe that skills are changing too fast and they need to improve constantly, while 76% think that the skills they will need for their company will change in the next five years.

Faced with increasing digitization and automation, the decision is not only about acquiring new skills, but which ones and with the help of the method that adapts to a lifestyle that has changed drastically due to the new normal. If previously acquiring skills with the help of online courses was considered an option, today it has become the norm to stay current. Therefore, developing new skills online is and will be the constant for workers today and for generations to come, ”said Alfredo Stockder, Senior Director of Marketing at Udemy.

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