4 Things We Want to See in the Netflix documentary "A Lot, A Lot of Love" About astrologer Walter Mercado


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"And may they receive from me always a great deal of peace, but above all much love"; with this phrase, Walter Mercado closed his broadcasts in which he gave horoscopes to his Latino audience.

With those same words, Netflix titles the documentary that promises to reveal the secrets of the personal life of one of the most controversial characters in the world of televised esotericism.

Directed and produced by Cristina Costantini ("The Naked Truth"), Kareem Tabsch ("The Last Resort"), this documentary premiered in January during the Sundance Film Festival.

The testimonials shown in "Mucho, much love" include celebrities as varied as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Eugenio Derbez and Raúl De Molina.

Walter Mercado, a brand of love, but also of wealth

Although he invested in numerous companies and at the height of his career reached 120 million spectators, his fortune was estimated to be 10 million dollars. His heritage is now managed by his three nieces and includes jewelry, layers worth up to $900 each, a luxury apartment in Miami and his home in Puerto Rico.

In addition to his television appearances, he wrote columns in the Miami Herald, Puerto Rico's New Day, and Chicago's Hoy newspaper. He wrote seven books, being "Beyond the Horizon" the most popular with translations in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

For many years he led Walter Mercado's esoteric line, a means by which people could talk by telephone with a psychic in exchange for a per-minute rate, plus VAT.

In 2014, following the internet boom, Walter Mercado ventured into the world of online dating and launched the passionlations.com site. The virtual meeting center complements the well-known formula of online dating, with astrological information from users that, it promises, allows to find its half orange.

Who was Walter Mercado?

Walter Mercado achieved international fame when he migrated from Puerto Rico to Florida to present his astrological predictions in the Univision network.

The son of Puerto Rican José María Mercado and Spain's Aída Salinas, Walter lived his childhood in Puerto Rico.

Later, when he went to university, he specialized in pedagogy, psychology and pharmacy, where he learned about the healing powers of plants.

His first big break came when he visited the set of a show produced by Puerto Rican Elín Ortiz, for Telemundo. On that day, the guest artist had canceled a scheduled interview, so Ortiz asked Mercado to fill the missing 15 minutes with astrological predictions.

The success of that improvised segment gave Walter Mercado the opportunity to have a fixed space in the program.

For 20 years, from 1990 to 2010, Walter Mercado had his own program on Univision with which he reached an audience of 120 million viewers. This allowed him to amass a fortune of about $10 million on the cusp of his career.

After 50 years of being a public figure, Walter Mercado changed its name to "Shanti Ananda" meaning Happiness Peace. It was speculated that this new pseudonym was due to a legal dispute with its former agent. However, at the time, the astrologer said that the name had been given to him by guru Osho long ago and that he decided to leave behind the name Walter Mercado after a revelation given in a dream. It was until the end of his life, in one of the last interview he gave, that he acknowledged that he had to fight in court for many years to regain his trade name.

Walter Mercado died on November 2, 2019 at the age of 87, a day after the recording of the Netflix documentary ended. So the film features the partition of the astrologer himself, who gives an account of his professional and personal life.

Here are the 4 things we want to see in "A Lot, A Lot of Love" that will premiere on July 8 on Netflix.

1. Walter Mercado said that as a child he possessed healing powers

In an interview for TV Azteca, Mercado said that as a child he found a dead bird that he was able to resurrect. "I touched her, kissed her and flew out," the astrologer said. That moment, witnessed by a neighbor, he was famous in his hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico; soon peasants from other villages flocked to the little one to be healed.

2. Walter Mercado studied dance and acting

Before becoming a television celebrity, Walter Mercado studied singing and dance. She majored in ballet and was a dance partner of comedian Velda González, who died in 2016.

As an actor, he participated in several Puerto Rican telenovelas, such as A farewell to the memory and Larga distance.

He later founded a drama school called Walter Actors Studio 64.

3. Even if he wasn't bothered to be asked, he always avoided talking about his sexual orientation

In 1968, says Walter Mercado, he came close to marrying his girlfriend at the time; however, the woman died in a plane crash while traveling from the Dominican Republic to San Jose.

This loss led him on a journey to India to rediscover his spiritual path; Although he was linked to a Brazilian model, he always claimed to be alone and stated that he focused all his sexual energy on blessing the world.

Although he never publicly stated his sexual orientation, the LGBTIQ+ community took him fond of his flamboyant personality.

In trevista for AP, filmmaker Alex Fumero stated that perhaps the fact that he never talked about his sexuality earned the gay community the love.

4. Appeared in a Doritos commercial

Not that we want to see the commercial in the documentary "A lot, a lot of love", but several fans of the botanera brand want to know how an agreement was reached with the astrologer, in addition to some details of the production of the enigmatic commercial.

With nothing more to say, enjoy:

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