60% of companies are confident of recovering their sales level this year


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The current health crisis is having a strong impact on all industries; However, according to the latest global survey conducted by Atento of more than 160 professionals from the leading companies in their sectors, 60% of the companies consider that they will recover the sales levels prior to the pandemic during this year.

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In the case of the telecommunications sector, optimism is greater, 8 out of 10 companies in this sector consider that they will recover pre-covid sales levels in a maximum of one year, specifically estimated by 78%. In areas such as technology or the services sector, half of those surveyed confirm that this recovery will come during 2021. The only exception occurs in the banking and insurance sector, where the percentage of companies that consider that they will overcome the drop in sales during this year it drops to 25% .

The decrease in sales is mainly due to a slowdown in consumption. Among the main causes, 35% consider that they have chosen not to consume their product, 29% consider that their service is no longer a necessity for consumers and only 8% think that there has been a leakage of customers to the competition . According to the latest survey conducted by Atento, 75% admit to having seen their sales affected, and 32% of those surveyed point out that it drastically.

"In times of uncertainty and crisis it is necessary to adapt quickly. To reactivate consumption and try recovering pre-covid sales levels, it is essential to transform the models and adapt the sales force to the present circumstances ", comments Pablo Sánchez, director of global Marketing at Atento.

In this context, and according to the survey carried out by Attention, 69% of companies are redefining their sales strategy. To achieve this, 27% bet on adapting the offer to the new demand, 24% on promoting digital channels, 16% on reducing costs and 13% on modifying and redesigning their product portfolio.

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The lockdown in the wake of the pandemic showed that a sales model based solely on physical sales becomes a threat in situations like this. In this way, strategically combining physical sales and those made remotely, including those made by phone, chat, social networks, etc., prioritizing the best Customer Experience regardless of the channel, is presented as the best way to face the future of sales.

6 out of 10 respondents reveals their firm commitment to combine face-to-face models with remote sales. Regarding the channels best considered for sales, 25% still prefer face-to-face attention, compared to 22% who prioritize the telephone and 18% social networks, which highlights the increasing need to integrate channels.

Respondents consider that adopting a multichannel strategy and personalization of offers are the main elements to boost sales. The qualification of sales teams and investing in customer retention and loyalty strategies are other aspects that have been considered very relevant to recover sales. Another increasingly clear trend is the search for allies to optimize channels and sales volume.

In times of crisis, new opportunities always arise, despite the negative data in the fall in sales of practically all industries, the truth is that new sectors are emerging with strength, mainly digital.

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