A relationship between tradition and technology


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Today, digital advances are present in practically all areas of society, even in those we least imagine or in activities that apparently have not changed for centuries. An example of this are the golf courses. Although at first glance it is not noticed, these lands are full of technologies, either for their design or maintenance. The architect Agustín Pizá told us about this, during his participation in the Geek Hunters podcast of Grupo Expansión.

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It can be said that technological innovations have become fundamental for the development of this sport. It is played on an area of up to 40 hectares that must be in perfect condition, so sensors, devices and machines are used to support tasks such as watering the lawn and the pruning process. Meteorological instruments and GPS are also used to monitor the condition of the grass in each yard of the field. "There is a world of money buried in a golf course," he said. During his talk, the architect let us see that he is a traditionalist, but that he values technology when it is aimed at enhancing the human being. This virtue of technology is perceived every day when driving his Cadillac, a brand of cars that he has become fond of, since he considers it to be a manufacturer with a great tradition for its luxury and quality, but above all because it has become a benchmark of innovation. "I love my Cadillac XT5 - Agustín Pizá shares - Because of my job I have to travel a lot, on the golf courses, so a good car, with comfort, in which my family can accompany me is very important. XT5 is the ideal example of how Cadillac has been true to its essence, decade after decade. It is the perfect combination of luxury and technological innovation.

The interior highlights the attention to detail. Each space surprises the senses as much as its technologies do. For example, the exclusive OnStar 4G LTE service or the Wi-Fi hotspot that allows up to 7 devices to connect at the same time. In safety, it highlights its seven airbags, its blind spot sensor and pedestrian alert, rear view camera. XT5 has the maximum equipment available so that the driver only occupies himself with enjoying the road. You can choose between its three types of handling, (Tour, Snow / Ice, Sport) For Pizá, his Cadillac has a lot in common with the relationship of technology with golf. "Due to its high quality of assembly and its details, it means that they care about that factor of human affection, even if it is about the best innovations." Despite the presence of different digital systems on the courses, the practice of golf has remained unchanged (or almost unchanged) for centuries. For Pizá, that is precisely the greatest virtue of technology, since it allows to facilitate and improve many processes, but it respects and highlights the most human characteristics, such as dexterity and creativity. In fact, it can be said that digitization allows people to focus on the most important activities such as creation and inspiration. This is how the architect sees it, who when developing his sketches only uses pencil and paper, but in the end his creation is enhanced with the help of technology, becoming a digital model.