Amazon podcasts want the attention of Mexican ears


By CAPosts 18 November, 2020 - 06:02am 133 views

Starting this November 18, Amazon's podcast offer will be available to Mexican ears, a bet with which it seeks to place itself in a growing market and currently dominated by the Swedish Spotify. Amazon podcasts reach the Latin American market with the entire catalog that they already show in markets such as Japan and the United States, as well as local and original content that they will launch in the coming months. “We are very happy to launch a podcast now in Mexico and Brazil and be one of the first wave of new things on Amazon Music. There will be all the content we have, but this will also allow us to create original content. In Mexico we will present the first original before the end of 2020, ”said Federico Pedersen, director of Amazon Music for Latin America in an interview. All users who now have Amazon Music will be able to have access at no additional cost to all the podcast content of the platform in Mexico and Brazil, but also if they only have an Amazon account they will be able to access this content for free, even without having a means of payment has been registered, the executive clarified.

Amazon podcasts arrive in Mexico and Brazil through Amazon Music. (Photo: Amazon courtesy)

While podcast competition in Latin America has intensified in recent years, Matteo Ceurvels, digital consumer analyst for eMarketer consultancy, projected that this business arm of Jeff Bezos' firm enjoys an advantage: leverage your other businesses to leverage the growth of your new product and differentiate yourself from the competition. Ceurvels commented that while the current podcast competition puts the entry barrier for new players quite high, Amazon already has the branding and adoption of services such as its Amazon Prime video streaming, its e-commerce platform, Amazon Music and even the video game streaming service Twitch, which can help you leverage your new offer in this highly competitive market, although they will have to do much better than the rest and not just meet the average expectation. “(Amazon) is entering the podcast market at a time of great competition but I believe that with its other captive users in other services such as Prime it can penetrate more into a potential market and the rest will be more about positioning itself; It will not only be to do it well if you do not have to differentiate yourself to show that you can do it much better. Amazon, like Spotify, is trying to diversify and can take advantage of their other platforms, like what they also have with Audible for audiobooks, ”said the analyst to Expansión.

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