Amazon, Rappi and Walmart, the favorite apps of Mexicans to stock their pantries


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Mexican households used applications ( apps ) at least once a month to stock their pantries and order food during the quarantine.

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Amazon and Rappi are the most used platforms to supply food, beverages and products hygiene and cleaning, indicates the result of the latest Nielsen Consumer Intelligence survey .

It also points out that Uber Eats has been the most relevant app for ordering prepared food.

During the quarantine period for covid-19 and with the reduction of mobility, consumers had to adapt to technology to supply their homes with products from the food, beverage, hygiene and cleaning categories

35% requested their pantry 1 time a month through a digital tool, 25% once a week, 23% once every two weeks and 17% more than once a week

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The digital tools that have been used to order their pantry during the quarantine have been mainly Amazon (24.7%), Rappi (23.5%) and Walmart (9.9%). The most used chains through Rappi were Walmart (64%) and Soriana (32%).

Similarly, 16% of consumers declared that they used a digital tool to buy ready-made food. Uber Eats was the most used (28.9%), Rappi came in second with 17.9% of users, followed by Didi Food with 10.1% and Without Apron with 6% .

Among Rappi users, promotions were the mission of most common purchase, with 24%, followed by immediate use (22%), urgency (14%), supply (14%), replacement (9%) and search without a plan (5%).

It should be noted that stocking the pantry was the most named activity among respondents (57%) that has made them leave home, in addition to going to work (18.7%) or visiting relatives (9.1%).

Nielsen México indicates that digital activity could be maintained with the return to normal, but consumers have also declared that shopping centers will be the first thing they will visit in the gradual opening of businesses, followed by those that will continue in preventive confinement, visits to doctors and dentists, parks, and restaurants and inns. : MSN