Are you looking to raise the reputation of your company? See how big brands exploit social impact content


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Companies allocate different resources to promote their reputation, but the profile of consumers has changed. With the use of social networks, they have found a way to claim for the quality they were promised. Big brands around the world exploit interactions in social impact content to raise their reputation

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You can also take lessons from brands like Netflix, Bimbo, Uber, 3M, Liverpool, to your company. Cemex and many others to increase interaction with your audiences. The report Marketing Reputation and Corporate Responsibility in Social Networks gives you the clues.

In this study, reputation marketing was analyzed. Its purpose is to improve the perception of a brand or company. Although the interaction of social network users with this type of content grew 59% in the last year, only 0.32% of the content

Make the most of social networks to impact your audiences

Between October 2019 and September, Socialbakers, a specialized platform in social networks, and the digital marketing consultancy Luis Maram, analyzed the communication of initiatives of social impact and corporate reputation. Audience interaction with both topics grew by 96,000 comments.

Facebook is the platform that generated the most interactions, with 62%. It is followed by Instagram with 35% and 3% for Twitter. Interaction is of utmost importance because it generates links with the brand, which in marketing is called engagement.

The industries that generated the highest volume of interaction in the three social networks were:

Mass consumptionEntertainmentTransportFinanceAlcohol According to the study, the three topics with the most interaction when it comes to responsibility and corporate reputation are:

Labor culture Energy Renewable supplies

In them, the financial industry leads the communication in terms of labor culture. Meanwhile, consumer goods and entertainment companies focus on energy and renewable inputs.

For example, Netflix - with a single post on recycling initiatives - achieved 360,569 interactions this year. And it is the first time it has done so in the last year, according to the study.

On the other hand, Bimbo increased its publications on social networks by 84% with content on renewable energy and inputs. In the same period, it achieved 258,146 interactions.

In terms of recycling alone, companies such as Femsa and Liverpool managed to increase interaction on social networks by almost 600% with less than 30 publications. On the contrary, Mars, a pet food manufacturer, only made 2 publications on the subject and had 580 interactions

Brands seek to generate greater bond with the community

Regarding the brands that generated greater bond with the community are Uber, Grupo Modelo and the Tecnológico de Monterrey. With less than 30 posts this year, each one achieved more than 50,000 interactions.

One of the topics with the most interaction, work culture, placed Google as the brand with the most interaction with only 5 publications this year and 85,256 comments. In this sense, interaction grew 199% compared to 2019.

In this category, L'Oreal is followed by Tecnológico de Monterrey, which achieved more than 45,000 interactions in the year

7 findings of the interaction of brands on social networks

The themes that help to increase the engagement of social media users with brands are in the commitment to the environment and social impact. According to Socialbakers and Luis Maram, the most relevant aspects of the interactions in the last year are:

The communication of initiatives in favor of the environment and of a social nature. Facebook takes a large part of the interaction, but it is not the only channel . Brands must align their communication objectives according to each initiative. Some messages have a greater impact on other networks such as Instagram. Brands that generate more interaction do not necessarily publish more frequently. It is urgent that companies generate more attractive content in social impact to strengthen reputation marketing. There is still an opportunity to generate more related content with recycling. Despite the great interaction they generate, it is the third topic with the least published content. Consumer goods brands generate the most content on reputation and social responsibility. The rest of the brands will have to make a great effort to try to reach them. To create link with the audiences, the content of reputation and corporate responsibility begin to emerge as the favorite topics.

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