Attend the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry conference free of charge


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MEXICO CITY.- Since 1970, Tecnológico de Monterrey has held the Research and Development Congress (CID) , a space for exchanging ideas in which prominent research leaders recognized for their scientific and technological production in various fields meet .

In 2021 there will be the participation of Aaron Ciechanover, 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry , who will give the virtual talk “Bioethical issues during Corona days: The twilight zone between the technologies and the sick patient” .

The Congress is designed to develop as an open research platform. The approach is interdisciplinary, so researchers from different areas meet to analyze the situations

The result contributes to converting scientific and technological knowledge into solutions that benefit society

Also, companies seeking spaces have a presence of open innovation, and governments of both Mexico, Latin America and Spain

This time the CID will be held virtually, so that technology will take it to more corners of the country

Some of the topics that will be discussed are How the research will be carried out in the future, after the pandemic

The Congress will reward professors and students who, for their work, develop great research

As part of the program, the water monitoring project will be presented residuals, in this case, to detect cases of covid-19

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This is the weather forecast for today

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The project is worked on by Professor Roberto Parra, who, in this case, adapts the technology to measure the virus. This work quantifies the concentration that is discharged into the wastewater.

In this way, a direct and precise relationship is found, of how many people, when and whether the number of cases will increase or decrease. Currently, this analysis process is already applied in the Tec de Monterrey campuses.

What is sought is to apply it, under agreements with some governments, to use it in hospitals, neighborhoods, and even cities.

How can you participate in the CID 2021?

The CID 2021 will take place from February 24 to 26 virtually. It will be free, and people who want to participate will have to register here.

To review the full program and available presentations, visit the Tec de Monterrey CID page.

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