Carlos Slim meets with the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez


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Carlos Slim maintains his confidence in Argentina, where he has a presence with his subsidiary Claro, despite the economic problems that the country has gone through, this was assured by the Mexican businessman after his meeting with the South American president Alberto Fernández, who is in Mexico. since Monday. Slim agreed to feel 'calm (because) it gives Argentina a lot of confidence. As you know we have important investments and obviously we will continue with them. ' He acknowledged that in the South American country there is 'inflation, the economy had delicate problems, it had an over-indebtedness with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but those things have already been restructured and that is the important thing'.

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Claros Slim said that 'we must try to reduce inflation as soon as possible, which does not help anyone' and stressed that Argentine human capital 'is highly trained, with a good educational level and what you have to do is have more investment and more economic activity that generates employment. ' About the appointment with Alberto Fernández, which took place this Tuesday at noon in a hotel in Polanco, in Mexico City, the Mexican businessman said that they spoke 'for a good while' about the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the AstraZeneca vaccines that are working in Argentina and packaging in Mexico. In August 2020, the president of Argentina announced that his country, through the mAbxience laboratory, and together with Mexico and the laboratories of the Liomont firm, the production for Latin America of the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by AstraZeneca in collaboration with the British University of Oxford. This initiative, which is expected to manufacture 250 million doses during 2021 (of which 77.4 million will remain in the country), was financed by Carlos Slim. The Mexican businessman stressed that there is "very good communication" between Presidents Fernández and Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador and recalled that they have already met twice and "surely" there will be "many others." 'I think the Mexico-Argentina relationship is excellent and in our case we have been there for almost 20 years. There are three companies competing in mobile telephony with similar stakes and what you have to do is continue investing as we have always done in Mexico, 'he said. Carlos Slim is the richest man in Mexico and the 21 with the greatest fortune in the world, due to the fact that he possesses assets that amount to 57.3 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg ranking.

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