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Digital services are a fundamental tool in times where remote work and private information support are the new reality for businesses and companies in all industries.

Faced with a panorama of this dimension, it is essential to have an assistant like Dade2, the digital solutions company specialized in Cloud through virtualized environments and Data Center.

To support a solid digital service, Dade2 offers the following variants:

1 . Contingency solutions: high availability environments, DRS, backup copies.

2. Cloud solutions: Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud.

3. Data Center: dedicated servers, virtual storage solutions, storage with disk arrays Dedicated and hyperconvergence HPE SimpliVity.

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4. Development and production: environments for startups, serverless, containers and kubernetes.

5. IT advice: CIO and CTO, placement and CDN.

Quality, safety, performance and service are some of the pillars that the company points out as its main guarantee since its foundation in Iceland in 2009 by its CEO Manuel Trongone, having in mind its offer in Vertical Cloud Solution to manage servers without customers having to worry.

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Dade2 indicates that the guarantee of its Cloud solutions is supported by the main technology brands, such as: Oracle, Cisco, Citrix, HP, Microsoft and more.

“We design and implement private and hybrid clouds on our HP server platform and VMware virtualization ”, says the company.

Likewise, the sectors that have relied on Dade2 services and solutions worldwide are banking and finance, auditing and consulting, pharmaceutical industry, online games, electronic commerce , aviation, engineering, agricultural industry, legal and telecommunications.

One of the main messages of the company is: "Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to choose the most suitable solution for your company."

Dade2 has certifications: ISO 27017, PCIDSS , ISO 27001, HIPAA, S0C3, S0C1, GDPR, S0C2 and TIERIII + .

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