Cloud & virtual technology can simplify even the most complex parts of your business — and help you make the best decisions in less time.


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Like every leader, you have probably wondered more than once if your company's processes can be faster and more efficient. You may have already taken steps in that direction and analyzed some of your files to make decisions.

But you can still do better. Above all, if you start to take advantage of the cloud technology tools that you have available

This technology is capable of providing several benefits. For example, help you understand the context of data in the company or detect gaps in customer service.

It can also help you save money, reduce technology implementation times; improve your security, and even reduce the carbon footprint of your business in the world, to mention some of its advantages compared to other storage options.

In addition, the cloud offers access to a wide range of technologies to innovate faster in your business. You will be able to activate resources quickly as you need them; from infrastructure services, such as computing, storage and databases, to the Internet of Things, machine learning, data lakes and analytics, and much more.

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The answer to that question is simple. Most importantly, easily accessible.

There are low-cost, scalable cloud platforms that can power your business, like the one offered by Amazon Web Services — which, by the way, was the first to make this technology affordable for all businesses. . Using them will allow you to make a "tailored suit" for your business, which can be expanded or incorporate new functions according to your needs.

And if you are looking not only to have it, but to connect with information technology leaders and make the most of this resource, You can also do it.

This Wednesday, November 25, Amazon Web Services will hold its virtual event AWS Inspiring Minds. At 8:00 a.m. in Mexico City, great personalities of technological innovation will meet, highlighted by their work in innovation supported by data.

This is what you will see in the AWS Inspiring Minds

In this event there will be Keynotes and specialized thematic sessions, led by figures such as Miriam McLemore, Enterprise Strategist of AWS. She has worked with companies around the world on technology adoption strategies; In addition, during its trajectory it has shown that agility is the answer to drive change in organizations.

In addition, this edition of AWS Inspiring Minds will feature the presence of Ayasha Khanna, one of the most recognized artificial intelligence strategists in the world . During his lecture he will talk about how artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality; Virtual reality and quantum computing can revolutionize every industry in the world

And if you are more interested in a particular field, you can choose from the Data Driven Everything themed sessions, which will address business transformation using analytical; Start your Machine Learning Journey, on the competitive advantage that machine learning offers, and Security: An important reason to choose cloud, on the new trends and culture of computer security.

The event will also feature spectacular multimedia inspiration and experience hand in hand with the Guadalajara firm of artists and acrobats, Circo Dragon.

Sign up in the following league and discover how to inspire a culture of innovation in your company through cloud technology.

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