CNIAA asks the government to investigate irregular sugar importation


By CAPosts 28 February, 2021 - 01:45pm 57 views

Mexico City. The National Chamber of Sugar and Alcohol Industries (CNIAA) asked the federal government to investigate various forms of technical smuggling of sugar, such as the alleged illegal application of the tariff classification for tax evasion purposes. He warned that the irregular importation of sugar affects the sugarcane agribusiness and harms both cane growers and industrialists who represent more than 2.4 million direct and indirect jobs in rural areas of the country.

© Provided by La Jornada The CNIAA estimates in this cycle a guaranteed production of six million tons of sugar. Photo Taken from Twitter @CortinaGallardo

He recalled that last Saturday the SAT issued a press release announcing that it reinforced actions to combat technical smuggling of sugar, so that any import that is intended to be carried out without the payment of tariffs will have both administrative sanctions and penalties for importers, customs agents and other people involved, since it estimated that tax evasion for sugar imports amounts to 250 million pesos per year.

In a statement, the CNIAA indicated that the SAT specified that the importation of sugar is subject to the payment of taxes, so it is false that there are currently trade quotas or preferences derived from International Treaties, including the Treaty signed between Mexico and the Central American countries, since these mechanisms had been illegally adduced to fraudulently evade import taxes on sugar

The CNIAA specified that this industry generates 500 thousand direct jobs in 269 rural municipalities located in 15 states, and will continue to assist the customs authorities in the fight against illegality.

He added that Mexico is a country with a surplus in sugar production, with a production level officially estimated for this cycle of approximately 6 million tons, for which the national supply, which is estimated at 4 million tons, is guaranteed

Source: MSN