Disappearing autonomous bodies would create monopolies: ICC


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MEXICO CITY.- The transfer of the powers of the Autonomous Constitutional Bodies (OCA) to the public administration would be a serious setback that opened the way back to large private concentrations and would strengthen public monopolies, with an affectation of at least 20 percent increase in the prices of goods and services, warned the International Chamber of Commerce Mexico (ICC Mexico)

In a virtual press conference, Claus von Wobeser, president of ICC Mexico, as well as Miguel Flores Bernés, president of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece), and Luis Dantón Martínez, vice president of the Anticorruption Commission of the same body, stressed that, therefore, disappearing the OCAs would have a direct effect against the pockets of Mexicans, which would not It would favor the poorest and that it would go against the transparency that society demands and that has been opened thanks to the INAI.

They agreed that, in the foregoing Rior, the presidential proposal cannot focus its argument on savings, when the presence of the OCA provides important benefits and savings to the consumer.

Flores commented that “since its creation, Cofece has achieved social benefits of more than 20.5 billion pesos Among 37 main cases that it has solved, it has supervised commercial transactions for almost 13 billion pesos, and has established clear rules and has given certainty in different markets. The IFT has done the same by reducing the prices of fixed telecommunications by more than 27 percent and, in mobile services, in particular, 44 percent, which implies savings of 425 billion pesos. ”

They highlighted that, in addition , could affect the relationship with the United States and Canada, within the framework of the T-MEC at a time when the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency of the American Union promises a significant boost to economic recovery.

“It would be serious to risk the relationship with the United States, it would be playing with fire, ”when the recovery of the Mexican economy is largely focused on exports, said Claus von Wobeser. However, they warned that to eliminate the OCAs a constitutional reform is required, for which they called on the opposition parties in Congress and civil society to join forces so that the proposal does not materialize.

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The above, due to the fact that a new constitutional reform that gives way to the disappearance of OCAs, such as the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) and the National Institute of Transparency , Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai), would require a qualified majority of two thirds of the Congress, both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the local Congresses and the federative entities. They highlighted that the absorption of OCAs detracts from the fundamental rights of people and companies that in Mexico aspire to develop with clear rules


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