Djaffar Shalchi, the millionaire who asks for more taxes for the richest


By CAPosts 30 March, 2021 - 03:18pm 85 views

MEXICO CITY.- The founder of Millionaires for Humanity, Djaffar Shalchi, in an opinion article for Reuters explained the reason why this group has asked to increase taxes on rich people

One of the main reasons is that this group can help finance the fight against covid-19 and help solve other global problems

in his article also highlights that the economic crisis driven by covid-19 further increased the gap between the rich and the rest, at the same time that made visible issues "how inequalities weaken us all."

In its text it also recalls the commitment that world leaders made in 2015 to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals, to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and combat climate change.

"All of these goals are achievable, for a price," says Salchi, explaining that the UN estimated the additional investment needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at between $ 2 and $ 3 trillion, "philanthropy, no matter how generous and You know, you can't fill this gap, "while a tax of just 1% on millionaires' wealth would raise $ 1.7 trillion.

"A wealth tax would be absolutely fair, would not harm business operations and would not lead to any exodus ... it would strengthen stability, expand prosperity and benefit everyone" by helping to address the most serious social crises.

Shalchi's theory holds that "only through collective action through government policy can we achieve a just society and shared prosperity."

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