From yoga and meditation classes to music and gastronomy, the future benefits that companies are considering, according to Mercer


By CAPosts 15 October, 2020 - 07:00am 73 views

Until before the coronavirus pandemic, insurance for major medical expenses was one of the benefits that companies gave the most to employees. Today she has gotten many out of trouble and begun to be valued, but she is not the only one. According to the Annual Total Remuneration Survey, carried out by Mercer, among the future benefits that companies would offer their employees are: yoga and meditation classes; desks and special chairs for working; psychological therapies; training sessions, music classes and even gastronomy. © Brenda Peralta / Business Insider México And it is that more than ever it has become evident that not only should the physical health of employees be promoted; mental health is just as important. In addition, today there is NOM-035 that obliges companies to generate adequate psychosocial environments. Future benefits, the way to keep and take care of their collaborators Companies, says the analysis, have not only had to adapt to the way of conducting business, - as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic - but also in the way of maintain and care for your employees . “This year's participation demonstrates their great interest in knowing the profit trends in times of Covid-19, in order to implement best practices in their companies, as well as a better understanding of how in these times, adaptation, innovation and flexibility are essential pillars for organizations, ”said Gabriela Ruiz, leader of the Benefits Study at Mercer Marsh Benefits. The study shows that the challenges faced by organizations from Covid-19 are several, and some of the strategies that they should implement include: Measurement of employee satisfaction Implement life-work balance policies Remodeling of offices Introduction of emotional salary Change in benefit plans. Salary increases, below inflation For this year, the Mercer survey predicts that by the end of the year salary increases will be 2.1%; that is, below inflation, which is estimated at 3.8%. For 2021, the outlook is more favorable with a 3.6% salary increase, highlighting that 15% of the companies surveyed expect to do so by 6.0% seeking to recover what did not happen in 2020. NOW READ: Do your employees suffer from "burnout" ? 6 strategies to prevent and detect it, if you want to transform your organization ALSO READ: Your company offers financial wellness programs, are you communicating them correctly to your collaborators? Discover more stories at Business Insider Mexico Follow us at Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn and Twitter .