Grupo Bimbo commemorates 75th anniversary


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The largest bakery in the world celebrates its three-quarters of a century. Since it was born in December 1945 in the Mexican capital, under the name of Panificación Bimbo, SA, its growth and then international expansion have been impressive.

© Provided by Milenio The "38" of the company's fleet was in charge to advertise the products in the villages. (Courtesy)

Gone are the days of its first four presentations of box bread: large and small white, black and toasted, which wrapped in transparent and sealed cellophane attested to consumers who appreciated this innovation of their hygiene, freshness and good looks and they added them to their basic basket.

In a few years, new varieties of bread under the seal of the then Osito Bimbo, who was born with the company, were added to the offer: donuts and a line of pastries that included bimbollos, midnight and mattresses.


In the decades after its foundation, the company not only managed to guarantee the availability of its products in grocery stores and supermarkets in the country, it also transcended national borders and entered the field of sweets and snacks . With initiatives such as Futbolito Bimbo and Global Energy Race, it promotes healthy lifestyles and offers products that incorporate cereals in teros and less amount of fat and sugars.

Today, the group has more than 100 brands of international prestige; In addition to Bimbo, Marinela, Barcel, Ricolino, Tía Rosa, Wonder, Suandy, Lara, Milpa Real, Coronado, Oroweat, Mrs. Bairds, El Globo, La Corona, Pullman, Sara Lee and Ideal, among others. is present in 33 countries on four continents, among which the following stand out: Mexico, the United States, Canada, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, China and more recently India, Morocco, Kazakhstan.

Grupo Bimbo stands out as a pioneer in the field of social responsibility, forest preservation and the implementation of clean and sustainable technologies

At 75 years of age, Grupo Bimbo is the number one in baking in the world


13,000 Bimbo products are marketed, including breads, sweets and snacks.


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