If you have problems with izzi, the IFT and Profeco help you get compensation — it is not enough to complain on social media


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In recent months, several clients who had Axtel service and are on the izzi network report problems with their internet, telephony and pay TV services. But those affected tend to complain more on social media than submitting their disagreement to the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office (Profeco) .

© Pixabay. Complaints against izzi in Profeco do help you get your money back.

Even the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has a pre-conciliation service for these types of complaints. Through the Soy User portal , telecommunications services clients who perceive failures, improper charges and other effects can receive advice and solutions to their problems.

For example, an Axtel client —which has been part of izzi since December 2018, for the purchase of users - told Business Insider Mexico of the continuous failures . Although he repeatedly presented his case to izzi, each time he communicated to the company, he received different information.

Among the responses the company gave - through its customer service line - is that the effects are general. But in the same building, another izzi customer (who was not part of the Axtel network) had no problems with their services.

Another explanation given by the company for the failures in its services is attributed to Axtel's modems. To improve the service, the company offers to change the modem, on condition of signing a new contract.

But if it did, customers would lose the benefits that they originally contracted with Axtel, such as the symmetric internet service. That is, it has the same speed of uploading and downloading files over the internet. No company offers this service in Mexico for residential clients.

Formal complaints against izzi –— and any company— do work

Last week, Profeco reported that 533 consumers will receive compensation for the failures in izzi services. To do this, they must contact this federal body and indicate that they were affected by the izzi failures in February.

The company declined to comment on the failures it has presented as a result of the purchase of Axtel clients.

But it is obliged to continue providing the services for these clients as they were hired. According to telecommunications specialists, users who migrated from Axtel are protected by the federal law of the sector and the NOM-184.

“Izzi, in compliance with article 198, third paragraph of the federal law on telecommunications and broadcasting, is obliged to guarantee that Axtel users or subscribers are migrated under equal circumstances with new providers; as well as to guarantee the right to terminate the contract if it is not in their interest that these companies (izzi or Megacable) provide the service ”, said Rolando Guevara, partner of the BGBG.

firm. If users consider that the company is not respecting their rights, they can go to the advisory and conciliation services of Profeco . This will be a step that they will reach even if they deal with their complaint through the I am User portal of the IFT, since if they do not find a solution to their problem or do not agree with the meaning of the solution, Profeco is the next instance.

You must receive your telecommunications services with izzi as you contracted them

As a former Axtel customer, now in izzi, you have the right to maintain the service you contracted. However, if your contract has a validity period, the obligation of izzi or Megcable to provide these services will also end.

“Izzi is obliged to respect the contracts signed by clients with Axtel. You also have the possibility to offer a new contract; as long as it offers the same conditions or even improves them. What izzi cannot do is change or breach the terms of the contract ”, explained Jorge Bravo, general director of Digital Policy & Law.

But once your contract ends and if you don't want to stay with izzi or Megacable, you can look for another company . Megacable could not offer comments on this note due to its period of silence as part of its financial results report.

Remember: it is not enough that you complain on social networks, you must present your disagreement on the channels of I am a User of the IFT; as well as in the multiple channels of contact of Profeco.

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