IMPC applauds that companies and local governments are able to purchase anticovid vaccine


By CAPosts 22 January, 2021 - 03:18pm 47 views

The Mexican Institute of Public Accountants ( IMCP ) applauded that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reported that companies and local governments in the country will have permission to acquire the coronavirus vaccine and apply it, meeting some requirements; however, it will be important to know what the logistics process will be.

© Provided by Milenio How is the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine that will arrive in Mexico?

“The administration of the vaccine seems to us a very wise decision by the federal government, we believe that it is an urgent need for the country and for the entire society and the population that there may be alternatives so that vaccines can be freely acquired by those who will supply them, state governments or private sector companies ”, the president of the IMPC Economic Studies Commission, Ernesto O'Farril ,

In a conference with the media, he added that the vaccination process is a rather complex question of resources and logistics, since vaccines require special conditions, such as extremely low temperatures, so the faster they can be had, the safer they can be. the economic reactivation.

In this sense, Diamantina Perales , president of the IMCP, expressed that “we see with good eyes that the private initiative participates in this issue of vaccination; however, we must see the way, the process, of how they (companies and government) could get on with this very important need in the country. ”

He elaborated on the fact that it has already been seen that there are many Mexicans who require the Vaccine and pharmaceutical companies have an over-demand, so the participation of the private initiative complements the government's efforts, "when working together, on this and other issues, it is valuable for any country," he said.


Source: MSN