Inactivity in the CRE generates uncertainty and slows investments in the gas oil sector


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MEXICO CITY.- The inactivity in the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has generated strong uncertainty in the gas oil sector , which also has a series of investments stopped due to the lack and delay in the granting of permits .

Roberto Díaz de León, president of the National Organization of Petroleum Dealers (Onexpo), said that it is necessary for the authority to understand that the market needs an evolution that allows competition in order to benefit the final consumer . “The lack of follow-up on permits really deepens the legal uncertainty in our sector.

The impact is very strong, we have an impact due to slowed investments. They are investments already made, service station permits, where we are stopped to be able to detonate the start of operations ”, he said.

According to data from the regulatory body, in 2020 it granted a total of 367 permits for both the hydrocarbon and electricity sectors , however, the figure represents a drop of 40.8% or 439 fewer authorizations when compared to the thousand 76 of 2019.

Current legislation indicates that CRE is the competent authority to grant federal permits , which allow carrying out the activities of transportation, storage, distribution and sale to the public of gasoline and diesel, among other petroleum products.

However, Onexpo He explained that, in 2020, the gas oil sector was granted 175 permits, 57% less than last year.

Given this, the business representative assured that in the last sessions of the CRE the permits that have been requested have not been released, which is also having a very important impact on job creation, tax collection, among others.

Diaz de León said that currently they already operate in the market about two e 170 brands, including Pemex , however, the current situation will force some of them to rethink their business strategy in order to overcome the current situation.

In a virtual conference, José Carlos Femat, an energy sector analyst, said that until Now the policy that the federal government is following seems focused on attacking the private sector , without taking into account that these actions will directly affect end consumers.

By: Nayeli González

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