Looking for a job? Catholic church creates online work bag


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On the platform you can check the job offers, and if you are an employer you can advertise your own.

The Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), civil society and the business sector unveiled a plan to revive the country's economy by creating a digital platform called YoQuieroWork, which aims to combat the unemployment that exists in Mexico.

The platform is born from the social program Famils Without Hunger, and is designed to support people who in this time of health emergency lost their jobs, as well as those who lack the financial resources and training to relaunch their small business.

If you're an employer looking for more workers, you can also advertise your job offers on the platform.

Among the 40 institutions involved in the project are Caritas Mexicana, Compromiso Social Mx and Coparmex, among other organizations.

Unemployed or supportive people to reopen their business will be able to access www.yoquierotrabajar.mx, or contact 55 1115 4400, as well as 800-caritas for more information.


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