Megacable takes advantage of the pandemic to launch a new video service - the company invested 100 million dollars


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Telecommunications company Megacable launched its new XVIEW + video platform on Tuesday. This service is based on Android TV with an interface that links the video content of the main streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO and YouTube. In addition to the pay TV channels.

© Pixabay. The new Megable service integrates several streaming platforms.

In this new service, Megacable invested more than 100 million dollars (mdd) in digital boxes for streaming services (also known as OTT) and the XVIEW + platform .

With Using Android TV, subscribers will have access to the Google Play Store to download applications from the store. Thus, any television with this service will become a Smart TV.

With this, the company seeks to "always be at the forefront and according to market trends for entertainment in all segments," he said in a statement.

Megacable attracts more subscribers to its service during the pandemic

Unlike other industries such as entertainment away from home, streaming services are attracting users due to confinement measures. Thus, in recent months, Megacable registered an increase in the number of video subscribers.

Even internet and telephony subscriptions also increased. Among these growths, subscriptions to XVIEW - Megacable's premium video service - stood out, which exceeded one million subscribers. It had more than 45 million streams in a month.

Now, with XVIEW + —its new service— Megacable becomes an integrator of television entertainment services. It will be available starting this week in the main cities where the company has coverage:


In these cities, subscribers can have content in high definition and 4K. Then, over the next few months, the company will continue to expand its coverage in other cities.

“Users will have integrated the content catalogs of the most recognized streaming platforms. They will no longer have to connect one by one to the different applications to view certain content, but they will do so through the XVIEW + search engine ”, Enrique Yamuni Robles, CEO of Megacable, said in writing.

The challenge for service providers of Subscription entertainment will depend on the purchasing power of customers. This has been hit by the pandemic with the loss of jobs and decrease of salaries.

"Even as fixed and mobile broadband subscriptions grow, if employment does not recover, subscriptions to streaming services may slow down", considered Jorge Bravo, general director of Digital Policy & Law.

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