Mexico, a country "blessed" for investments: BlackRock


By CAPosts 29 October, 2020 - 01:21pm 154 views

Mexico City. Mexico is a country “blessed” for investments due to its geographic position with the United States, because companies have focused their plans on new businesses and destinations, and because of its educational and technological bases, said Larry Fink, president of the board and director General of BlackRock, the world's largest fund manager.

“Mexico is blessed to be close to the United States, in part because they have the companies and they are also focusing on new designs. Mexico is even better positioned than any country in Latin America. Now companies are focusing on the location of Mexico because it has a very important educational and technological base, which makes it a very attractive destination for companies, ”he said.

When participating in a videoconference with Ernesto Torres Cantú, general director of Citi Latin America, Fink commented that in terms of labor, for example, the country today offers better costs compared to China and that makes it a "great destination" to invest "despite the situation of insecurity".

“Mexico has something unique that other countries do not have, it is in my mind as a place where they can use natural resources for a long term and this has to be exploited because it is a great industry. Also for manufacturing and most companies that manufacture in China. Mexico can change this situation through the investment made in the country, "he said.

Larry Fink said that both businessmen and Mexicans themselves should feel optimistic about the outlook for the country in the future, since they have what is necessary so that in the long term sufficient economic levels can be reached to achieve higher rates of well- being.

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“There are many benefits that Mexico can obtain in this regard in the work that they have in conjunction with agreements with the United States and Canada, and it can benefit by obtaining cheaper products and services from the neighboring country, and in this they must focus because few countries in the world have the opportunities that Mexico has, and people should invest here and be optimistic about it, "he said.

The director of BlackRock added that the country" has a great opportunity to reach the following economic levels to to be able to increase their level of education and security and especially, in these aspects they have a very special position in Mexico to be able to work with the United States. ”

Economy as an engine of social reconstruction

On the other hand, Larry Fink considered that the crisis that has caused the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which investments are made, some have even been lost, so now the m This model is based on listening more to customers and allocating resources where there are fewer opportunities.

“Covid has changed the world because technology now plays a major role in the economy. Our economy has never done it before, we will have to focus on how the global economy will be more egalitarian with greater participation and that is the main objective we have from now on, "he clarified.

He specified that" the economy is our most important to be able to rebuild society and the thousands of jobs that have been lost in this time ”.