Mobility restrictions hit Liverpool and its sales drop 20% in 2020


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The Port of Liverpool received a blow from Susana Distancia during 2020, given that its stores were closed for almost half a year as a result of mobility restrictions to avoid COVID-19 infections. During the past year, sales fell 19.9% to 115,472.5 million pesos. Sales in stores with more than one year of operation decreased 18.7%, the company reported in its financial report. The decrease in sales at Liverpool stores was 18.3% and those at Suburbia 34.9%. However, there was an increase in the purchase ticket of 26.7% for Liverpool and 11.7% for Suburbia.

The operating flow of the owner of the Suburbia stores was 9,006.3 million pesos last year, which meant a collapse of 62.3% compared to the 23,876 million pesos with which 2019 closed. In the period, the net profit of the company was 753.7 million pesos that compared to the 12,392.6 million in 2019, represents a decrease of 93.9%, according to with the data of the one presented to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). The chain started the last quarter of the year all its stores, stores, boutiques and shopping centers in operation, but the closures that were implemented as of December 19 in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Puebla and other states decreed the red traffic light Therefore, it had to stop its operations for the second time, after the first shutdown that began in March and ended in July. The growth of digital channels was driven by closures and during the year, digital participation was 28.8%. Deliveries grew 149%, while Click & Collect represented 20% of digital orders.

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