Monreal applauds T-MEC law approval


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© Monreal highlights unanimous approval of T-MEC laws. Photo: Quarto

MEXICO CITY.- The Chairman of the Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal applauded and noted that the unanimous adoption of the five laws of the T-MEC and the International Agreement on Cooperation on the Environment show an important step in the goals set for the good of the country.

The leader of the legislative majority continued that the second lesson is that with the exercise of unity demonstrated to advance the laws and agreement under the rush of time, the resident of Mexico has been strengthened to come to the other nation, with the institutional strength of his Congress, with the decorum and dignity of a people who walk together in fundamental terms.

From the Plenary, he noted that this is a very important day for the country's history and for the consolidation of a process of agreements in legislative matters, since the T-MEC can only be understood in accordance with other pacts and principles relating to international law, so that it obliges the parties to carry out the adequacy of their internal regulations to approve processes for the development of industry, production and marketing of goods, products and services between the three countries.

In this wording, it acknowledged that all contributed to the availability of this fundamental product for the homeland, including the participation of various sectors of the country, such as the economic one of which the Business Coordinating Council, CONCANACO, CONCAMIN, COPARMEX, EMA, CNA, SERVITUR, CANACO Mexico City, CANACINTRA, ANTAD, CANIFARMA, CANIPEC, CONICCICO and Tip Council are part.

They were here raising, deliberating, discussing, and most of their proposals were accepted and incorporated," stated the senator, promoter and author of three of the five initiatives, the Copyright, the reforms to the Criminal Code and the Quality Infrastructure that was enriched with more than 120 proposals to modify and add various parliamentary groups and economic, industrial and marketing sectors.

It therefore underlined that it was encouraged that the five legal instruments and the Environmental Cooperation Agreement had been unanimously approved, which speaks well of the effort made by all, of the talent that everyone imprinted on this fundamental exercise for the homeland.

He also reaffirmed that the main thing of the first lesson, that agreements can be reached through unity, is that it shows that it is not all confrontation and polarization and that in the Senate there is little confrontation than the conciliation that is achieved when the national interest is placed above personal or group interests.

In this sense, the five laws and the International Agreement on the Environment strengthen the Mexican State against the onslaught of outside and in the face of anti-immigrant and racist foreign policy, so it is necessary to walk cohesive and firm in a single purpose that is to defend our Republic, the legislator said.

To this end, he remarked that dialogue must be deepened, since that is the policy that is made to settle controversy and to reduce contradictions, which throughout the world and in all times has served as an indispensable instrument for the development of peoples.

He further noted that another lesson that this exercise leaves is that the President of the Republic is doing the right thing by making a decision that may be questionable, questionable, but that we ultimately decided by a majority to choose it and that the decisions that we make in the legislative majority will accompany them.

We have to act with a high eye, in the face of the great challenges that Mexico has, especially now exacerbated by the post-Covid 19 stage, which will leave impressive consequences in economic matters, of devastation, the leader of the Senate concluded his speech.


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