Necessary actions to keep economic units "afloat": Maria de Lourdes


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The president of the Patronato de Empresarios del Estado de México, María de Lourdes Medina Ortega, explained that it is urgent that the needs of the population are translated into concrete actions and strengthening of economic units , family income and stability in labor sources.

© Provided by Milenio "The decisions made in the following months will be decisive in the economic recovery of the country." (Special)

The economic and social conditions that the country is going through, he said, require that there be a strategic and real alliance between citizens and the private sector that generates actions that really impact the quality of life and the income of families in the According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), he said, Mexico registers the worst economic decline in 88 years with a decline in the economy of 8.2 percent and over the last year 3 million women left the labor market and a million and a half more lost the investment they had made in a business project.

“We have been working with the sectors that have been most affected in the economy such as commerce, services, workers related to retail and entrepreneurs, who have shown their courage in these circumstances, but it is required that public policies and the supports are really based on what the population requires: stable sources of employment, guaranteed health services and the reactivation of local markets ”.

He indicated that the Employers' Board has carried out an analysis of the obstacles and challenges faced by economic units in the face of the new reality that is being experienced, such as the logistics costs of delivery of goods, access to technologies to promote and advertise of products, the new responsibilities that entrepreneurs have adopted in family matters and the investments that are required to avoid being victims of contagion from Covid-19

The objective, he pointed out, is to promote actions that guarantee the permanence of economic units in the market and that they have the tools to do so in conditions of safety and also formality.

“In the country there are approximately 6.3 million women who work in the informal sector, but we are not talking about street vendors but about women entrepreneurs who from their home have raised their families, selling on social networks, generating ideas and value, innovating and creating great Business models".

What is needed - he added - is to make them stronger and bigger, that their businesses be profitable and productive, that they move to formality and employ others, closing this circle of value.

Medina Ortega assured that at this moment it is essential to redefine the course and pay attention to the true needs of the people , based on their current reality and measurable actions that allow them to overcome the adversities that the last year has left.

“The decisions made in the following months will be decisive in the recovery economic development of the country, but also in the restructuring of the social fabric and the peaceful development of the country. ”


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