Nokia hires Google to create 5G network based on the cloud and launch new businesses with that technology


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Finnish technology company Nokia reported Thursday that it has partnered with Alphabet's Google Cloud unit to build a fifth-generation ( 5G ) core network infrastructure. This synergy will allow business customers to offer services such as smart retailing and automated manufacturing.

© Pixabay. Nokia and Google sign an alliance to exploit services on the 5G.

network Given the deployment of the infrastructure for the 5G network, the cloud computing units of companies such as Microsoft and Amazon join forces with telecommunications providers . With these alliances, they seek to capture participation in new businesses that the network can allow them.

Although Nokia will contribute its experience in 5G, Google Cloud will serve as a platform to launch applications. It will also help customers build an ecosystem of services.

"We will start to see some of these things in the live environment later this year," said Amol Phadke, managing director of Google Cloud. The executive added that the schedule for the availability of services depends on the telecommunications operators

Nokia takes advantage of the impact of Covid-19 to accelerate digitization

The lockdown that began with the Covid-19 pandemic 10 months ago brought industries physical need to digitize. For example, factories, utilities, and healthcare are the slowest adoption areas.

Meanwhile, banking, e-commerce and digital media - as mature digital industries - received the immediate benefits caused by the pandemic. According to a study by Nokia , investment in information and communication technologies (ICT) and 5G over the next decade will have benefits in productivity and efficiency.

In addition, they are value investments to improve the resilience of companies. Among the consequences, the Finnish company estimates that this will also create new jobs.

Thus, specialized work goes hand in hand with higher wages and higher income for governments, according to the study.

“We hope that the formulation from this economic equation, catalyzed through what we see as 5G + enabled digitization, increase global gross domestic product by $ 8 billion by 2030, ”according to Nokia.

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