OnePlus arrives in Mexico with three teams, including the OnePlus Nord


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OnePlus officially arrives in Mexico with three teams up its sleeve and within them it brings one of the most popular teams among its customers, the OnePlus Nord. The company seeks to reach the country at a time when the smartphone market is contracted, according to IDC it is estimated that in 2020 the smartphone market will register a loss of between 5% and up to 20% towards the end of the year, this only in Latin America, but where the opportunities to bring more competitive equipment in cost may make some users think twice about acquiring a new equipment or not.

© Courtesy: OnePlus The motto of the brands is 'Never stop' and in In this sense, the idea is that the prices of the devices are accessible and do not stop the user.

“We did a survey to find out which equipment Mexican users were looking for the most, and based on this we are inclined to bring the OnePlus Nord , a team that has high-end tools and that has an affordable price, ”Jesús Mejía, OnePlus Communications Manager in Mexico, told Expansión. The OnePlus Nord features the same 48 MP Sony IMX586 sensor as the flagship OnePlus 8, with a large f / 1.75 aperture that improves light stabilization and optical image (OIS) to reduce blur and shake in both photos and in videos. Additionally, Nord comes with an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, Macro Camera, and Depth Sensor that provides a versatile and diverse photography experience. It has a dual 32MP front camera that supports high-quality 4K video capture up to 60fps. They are complemented by the 6.4-inch screen and the Snapdragon 765G 5G microprocessor, which offers improved CPU speeds, 30% faster than its predecessor, according to the brand. “Many of the users already acquired this type of models in other territories, however with the arrival of the brand they will now be able to assert the guarantees of the products, have easier options to access them and the support that the brand is in the country ”, said Mejía.

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