Profeco: review 'cheese for cheese', but comply with the law


By CAPosts 15 October, 2020 - 07:30am 74 views

Starting today, the head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield, will meet with the companies that were asked to suspend the marketing of some cheeses and yogurts for not complying with official Mexican standards. They will be "listened to", but it will be guaranteed "that the law is followed," he added. © Provided by Milenio Profeco prohibited the sale of 2 brands of yogurt and 23 brands of cheese. (Shutterstock) After on Tuesday the Ministry of Economy asked to recall 23 cheese brands and two yogurt brands that had been notified of inconsistencies in their labeling and advertising, companies such as Grupo Lala, Mondelēz Internacional, Danone and Fud affirmed that the authority's instruction is extemporaneous, because the observations on its products have already been resolved. However, Sheffield claimed that the corrections were not made. “They can return to the market when they comply with the Official Mexican Standard. We are receiving all of them from tomorrow, company by company and product by product, to listen to them, even before the legal processes continue. We are open to dialogue, it is not a lawsuit but we have to guarantee that the law is complied with, ”he said in an interview for MILENIO Televisión. He explained that the immobilization of the products is based on the new Quality Infrastructure Law, which entered into force on July 1, and by which the authorities have the power to withdraw them from sale and then start a litigation process with the companies. Before, he said, companies could carry out these legal processes along with the sale of their brands. "Our first step is to collect samples at the points of sale, these go to the laboratory and analysis of the team of scientists, in addition to the team of lawyers, then we notify the companies. In the case of cheeses that happened more than six months ago and in the case of yogurt more than a month ago ”. The National Chamber of Milk Industries (Canilec), the voice of 120 companies that represent about 90 percent of the country's production, said in a statement that it will work with the authorities and the firms involved to clarify the situation, document compliance. of current regulations and expedite the correction of the observations made. © Provided by Milenio He noted that the temporary withdrawal of some products falls only on particular products and not on brands in general, and clarified that most of the observations refer to inaccuracies or errors in the way of declaring the name or denomination of the product , ingredients, the country of origin or the omission on the label of some parameters in the cheese such as moisture, fat and protein. Sheffield said that “there are cheeses that contain vegetable fat, a cheese cannot have vegetable fat and in that case it cannot be called cheese. They would have to declare what they really are or change the formulation and only use milk fat. In other cases they have to change the labeling or change the advertising from the name as Bene Gastro, which from the name is misleading ”. ANALYSIS BY THE AUTHORITY The root of the discrepancy between the companies and Profeco comes from last April, when the body that depends on the Ministry of Economy carried out an analysis in its laboratory on different brands of Manchego cheese. Mondelēz, owner of the Philadelphia brand, pointed out that the authority did not notify him in a timely manner of the start of the administrative procedure and the most relevant thing is that they have evidence by which the Profeco laboratory issued favorable results of the quality study that it carried out last September. product. Qualtia, the food business unit of Grupo Xignux, clarified that the 400-gram Lactose-free Manchego cheese Little Red Riding Hood, among other products, is one hundred percent milk and fully complies with the specifications in NOM-223-SCFI / SAGARPA-2018 of cheese. The new Microsoft EdgeGet the latest Microsoft recommended browser