Samsung partners with IBM to combine 5G private networks with 'edge computing'


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Samsung signed a partnership with IBM on Wednesday to combine "edge computing" with private fifth-generation (5G) networks. This is the most recent union between large technology firms trying to help their clients automate their production.

"Edge computing", also known as edge computing, allows data to be processed from the device on which it is located. they generate. Thus, the response time is improved and the use of internet bandwidth is saved.

This type of computing uses augmented reality and machine learning. With them, you analyze massive data that occurs, for example, in a factory, oil platform or office. That analysis happens before moving to remote servers in the cloud. To make it work, you need fast data transfers of the kind provided by 5G signals .

© Pixabay. Samsung and IBM Partner to Leverage 5G with Edge Computing.

“The idea of being able to connect at the edge and run fast processing applications for businesses makes perfect sense; especially when it is in real time or semi-real, "said Taher Behbehani, general manager of Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung and IBM join the race to exploit 5G

Another telecommunications giant, Verizon, signed agreements two months ago with Microsoft and Nokia. With this it tries to exploit the anticipated increase in demand in businesses that want to use new tools. Meanwhile, 5G becomes ubiquitous.

Samsung's 5G equipment - which covers various bands of the 5G spectrum - will run on IBM cloud technologies. They will include its edge platform, integration services and artificial intelligence products.

Steve Canepa, general manager of IBM's communications business, said the collaboration would help companies integrate their data with different advanced applications.

In November, IBM launched a cloud platform aimed at telecommunications operators deploying 5G networks built with technology from its software firm Red Hat. It has engaged 35 partners, including network equipment and software vendors, including Samsung and Nokia, to build an ecosystem

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