SMEs must integrate to the cloud as soon as possible and these courses will help you enter digitization


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During these last months, companies had to accelerate their migration to the cloud, due to the remote work necessary to continue with their activities.

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) should also think about entering this tool to be able to sustain their business in a better way.

The benefits of this tool within a company range from greater agility, greater innovation and lower costs. This is why several companies offer courses so that small and medium entrepreneurs can migrate their activities.

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For example, CloudWorking Academy promoted free licenses for SMEs with up to 25 employees. This cloud tool will be free until 2022 and so SMEs will be able to digitize their business

It is not only to provide cloud software, it is an accompaniment for SMEs

The courses have online training modules to learn how to use the cloud and better manage projects from home , such as managing teams remotely.

On the other hand, courses are also taught to be able to develop your work and productivity more efficiently .

"We are committed to ensuring that companies of all sizes, and in all industries, take advantage of technology to stay open and thrive in this new environment that continues to be fraught with operational disruptions," said Transparent Business CEO Silvina Moschini.

Crises make you get out of your way of control

Moschini assures that the following year will be the ideal one to consolidate the digitization of SMEs and startups in Latin America.

«This year it was like a forced way that we will reach digitization, but the year Next time we will be able to see how this could be the best change that could have happened to SMEs. ”

The CEO asserts that companies must currently make the decision to be more connected, because digitization provides their businesses the opportunity to reach to broader markets

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