Social and environmental responsibility, the other side of companies


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Carrying out social responsibility and environmental responsibility programs is a commitment that several companies take to give back and accelerate the transformation of the industry.

© Covestro brings chemistry to girls, and this year it does so in Churumbela. (Photo: File)

Covestro, a company specialized in the manufacture of chemical products and polycarbonate plastics, this year joins the Churumbela Children's Film Festival, from November 27 to December 1, getting even closer to the life of the Mexican population.

With your participation, the company seeks to make the world a better place, to get closer to society, to children.

"We are present in the daily lives of people, in any industry and in any sector that you can imagine ", says Iván Cid, communication manager for Covestro in Mexico in an interview with Economía Hoy. And in 2020 they get closer with their participation in the festival.

This year, due to the pandemic , the company could not carry out its annual activity in which they bring together low-income girls from the Ecatepec area, where its plant is located , to bring chemistry - in which they are experts - through experiments and activities that are part of the Greenlights for girls (g4g) program.

That is why they join as guests of Churumbela, says Iván Cid, and anticipates that the The company's communication area has prepared a special 'play', which will be staged virtually on the platform of the children's film festival, a challenge they take on despite not being artists.

They will share a "Play, in quotation marks, because it cannot be considered theater if it is online, but we wanted to make this proposal and that is how we are approaching them with 'The carbon cycle' ", he comments.

" What we try to communicate with this is that in the end the carbon it's not as bad as it gets I would think and what we are trying to say, in a funny way, is that we all think that excessive emissions of carbon dioxide do affect the environment, but in the end, carbon is part of the life cycle of people, plants , etc. ", anticipates the number they have prepared and that will be online until the closing of the festival.

" The problem is not the percé carbon, but rather the excessive use of fossil fuels, "says

Ivan Cid explains. that Covestro, as a company, uses renewable energies to replace the part of fossil fuels, and being a chemical company is part of the problem, which is why they keep looking for different solutions

The company hopes to be able to resume its responsibility program social network in the community near his plant next year, meanwhile, he leaves his contribution at the 2020 Churumbela Children's Film Festival.

Source: MSN