Start meeting your 2021 goals and take your work productivity to the highest level


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2021 is here and it's time to start meeting the goals you've set for yourself, including labor productivity

Procrastination is, by definition, the postponement of an activity or situation that you should attend to and that you end up substituting for another a lot more irrelevant

If you have felt identified, then you need help to be more productive , not only at work or in your studies, but also in your daily life

Why is control of your tasks and planning so important ? Berto Pena, founder of ThinkWasabi and an expert in helping people to be more productive, says that you have to be very aware of your pending obligations and not leave them for another moment.

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Thus, he explains that there are 4 important keys to the time to get organized and increase your work productivity

1. Everything in writing

The first of all is to have all your tasks written down in one place, such as in a specific task application, on a calendar or in a physical notebook. all your life.

In this way, you will avoid having to hold them in your head and risk being forgotten or lost with so many tasks.

2. As soon as possible so as not to forget them

In that line, he also insists that you should write them down as soon as possible, right at the moment when they go through your head, for the same reason as before. For the most forgetful, this point is of vital importance.

3. The order is basic

The third key involves establishing an order for your tasks, that is, assigning a date. Leave behind the usual mistake of telling yourself I'll do it and write down the day and, if you can, the time. This way it will be easier to look at your planning and carry it out. At least, in theory.

4. Classify them

Finally, another important point is the distribution according to the load they suppose. Divide bigger or difficult tasks into smaller ones so that you can spread them out over several days

This way, it will be much easier for you to finish them and fit into your busy schedule

Don't improvise, improve your habits

Without these habits productive, you will tend to improvise too much, forgetting what is really important and you may have the feeling of having been working all day without knowing what you have done.

«The habit of planning your tasks every day will allow you to stay ahead of your tasks instead of chasing them, ”explains Berto Pena. "For me it is essential to do it every day."

As final advice, he also points out that you should always plan your tasks the day before, dedicate about 15 minutes before ending your workday. "You can put, for example, what tasks you have to do tomorrow, where you want to start or what issues are not in such a hurry," he details.

Thanks to this, you will start the next day without interruptions, with things clear and, most importantly , you will start to increase your work productivity and see results very soon.

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