The 30% Club, the initiative that demands more women in the boards of directors


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Mexico has made progress in inclusion and the number of women entering the workforce is increasing, however, few occupy positions of senior and middle management. To ensure that more reach leadership positions, Mexico joins the 30% Club campaign, an initiative that will seek to have a greater number of women occupy a position on the board of directors of companies. The goal of the 30% Club is that by 2025 the participation of women in the boards of directors of companies that are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) is at least 30%, minimum percentage necessary to generate an impact. In Mexico, only 6% of the seats on the company's boards of directors are held by women, and if those who hold these positions are eliminated because they are patrimonial, the figure drops to 2%. To this is added that 60% of the companies listed on the stock exchanges have only one woman on their boards.

© iStockphoto In Mexico, only 6% of the seats on the company's boards of directors are occupied by women , and if those who occupy these positions for being patrimonial are eliminated, the figure is reduced to 2% .

“We are undoubtedly below international standards, but it fills me with hope that different initiatives are being made from various fronts to give visibility to women. We see that there is much to be done and fortunately many actions are being taken ”, affirmed Yvette Mucharraz, director of the Research Center for Women in Senior Management at the IPADE Business School. Mucharraz highlighted that female participation in the labor market grew from 38 to 43.4%, however, a significant number are found in informality, receive low incomes and work in conditions of labor poverty. In addition, although men work longer hours, women work more because they have to add unpaid work in the home and care to their activities. Claudia Corona, founder of Impronta Verde, commented that in order to reach its goal, the 30% Club works with directors of companies who want to incorporate trained women into the boards of directors as part of a business strategy to improve the profitability of corporations . In this sense, he explained that for now they will not make any proposal to establish a gender quota in corporations, however, he considers that consensus can be achieved to increase female participation and for this the collaboration of different actors, such as entrepreneurs, is necessary. , outlining the challenges to change human resource policies, and the government, which is in charge of public policies. According to the specialists who lead this initiative, even-level policies should be developed so that the training and preparation of employees is favored, gender quotas become profitable strategies for organizations that end up changing policies at the same time. inside companies to achieve inclusion and diversity. In her participation, Laura Cruz, general director of Mastercard in Mexico, explained that in the first stage of this initiative, she will focus on three axes to strengthen women and accompany them in their professional development. The first element is the creation of a mentoring program, which will be directed by Moving Ahead, through which it will be sought that women have a structured accompaniment network with the advice of men and women, which is from other companies and at a global level. . Second is the formation of a group of investors that will support the creation of tools and statutes that allow rapprochement with this sector and promote gender equity. This group of investors will bet on companies that advance in inclusion. Another axis of the initiative will be to develop best practices in Human Resources to generate leadership based on gender balance by promoting inclusion and diversity within companies. “The challenge is enormous. It requires the conjunction of many factors. It requires changes in company policies and we are convinced that the return on this type of action will be enormous ”, said the MasterCard board of directors. This initiative was launched by businesswoman Dama Helena Morrissey in 2010 and led globally by Ann Cairns of Mastercard. In Latin America, in addition to Mexico, this campaign has been joined by Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

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