They seek the "king of outsourcing" for receiving 4.3 million pesos from "invoices"


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The arrest warrant indicates that the "king of outsourcing " received the money from five companies, of which four are 'billing companies'.

© Provided by The Taxpayer They are looking for the "king of outsourcing" for receiving 4.3 million pesos from 'billing companies'

At the request of the Attorney General's Office (FGR), a federal judge issued an arrest warrant against Raúl Beyruti Sánchez, who is the founder and president of GINgroup and is known as the “king of outsourcing . He is accused of money laundering and organized crime.

The “king of outsourcing ” received 4.3 million pesos from

'billing companies' According to information published by Reforma , the arrest warrant indicates that between 2014 and 2017, Beyruti Sánchez received in a bank account 4 million 335 thousand 705 pesos from five companies:

Pioneros en Administración SA de CV Grupo de Negocios Autogestión en Soluciones SA de CV Tikhvin SA de CV Gestión Gráfico del Sur SA de CV Glabal Growth in Accounts S. de RL de CV

The five companies were established between 2008 and 2015 in San Luis Potosí, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Mexico City. But four of the companies mentioned are " invoicing companies."

According to the court order issued on February 12 by Daniel Ramírez Peña, control judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Mexico, there are indications that these payments they were a simulation.

Characteristics of the 'billing' companies

Among other things, such as characteristics of the companies that gave money to the "king of outsourcing, " the judge pointed out the following:

Four of the companies mentioned have employer registration, but the registered employees were discharged in their entirety. As for the material, it can be observed from the criminal investigation reports that at least the addresses of said legal entities were not located or known by the residents of those places, therefore, since there is no place where they can operate in accordance with to their activity, it is unquestionable that they do not materially fulfill their purpose. Four were definitively declared as Simulated Operations Billing Companies (EFOS) by the tax authority. In other words, the Digital Tax Receipts by Internet (CFDI) that they issued support non-existent activities, acts of commerce and services. So the operations covered by the CFDI they issued were not carried out, which gives, at least indirectly, the illicit origin of those resources. The judge is the same in the Telra-Infonavit

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Judge Ramírez Peña is the same judge who last December ordered the apprehensions of the brothers Teófilo and Rafael Zaga Tawil , directors of Telra Realty, and Elías Zaga Hanono, the latter's son.

The arrest warrants were for organized crime and laundering 88 million five thousand pesos, derived from the Telra-Infonavit case, the second largest case of tax fraud filed with the Prosecutor in 25 años.

are also looking for people who constituted the companies

Reforma reported that in addition to Beyruti, the judge also ordered the arrests of the nine people who constituted the aforementioned companies. Their names are the following:

Heriberto Sánchez López. José Manuel Campos Campos. Héctor Alberto Lezama Argáez. Jorge Leonardo Muñoz Vizcaíno. Luz María Salas Solano. Jorge Francisco García Reyes. Manuel Alejandro Zepeda Álvarez. Benito Pérez López. Marco Antonio Medina Moreno.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) also requested an arrest warrant against José Isabel Vargas López. But before the control judge ruled, the federal prosecutors withdrew from the arrest request.

Only one of the companies legally misrepresented being a

“invoicera” The Tax Administration Service (SAT) included in its EFOS list the five company names that made the deposits to the president of GINGroup.

According to the indictment, all of them used tax receipts to support non-existent activities, acts of commerce and services that were never provided.

But on October 17, 2019, one of them, the company Global Crecimiento en Cuenta S. de RL de CV, legally disproved that it was a “billing company”, but the judge considered that this did not necessarily imply that it was not.

According to the background information, this SEIDO investigation began last six years, as the investigation folder originates from a complaint filed by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) on October 30, 2017.

This arrest warrant includes a crime with preventive detention ex officio, organized crime, which means that anyone who is arrested and processed will be imprisoned in the Altiplano Prison.

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