Uber and Rappi give in to pressure from restaurants: they lower commissions on food deliveries


By CAPosts 22 January, 2021 - 06:45pm 40 views

The Uber and Rappi platforms announced temporary reductions in the collection of commissions on food deliveries at home in Mexico after pressure from restaurateurs, whose losses have been exacerbated by a new closure after a rebound in Covid-19 infections at the end of the year

Businessmen asked this week to reduce to 17% from 30% the commissions charged by most delivery applications, while the red light lasts, which again reduced their operations in areas such as the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico, where about 25 million people live.

© Reuters Uber and Rappi accept staggered reductions and no charges for new restaurants

Uber Eats announced that it will implement reductions of 17%, 19% and 22% in a staggered manner as of February 1; and until April 25 in areas of maximum epidemiological alert, or red traffic light.

He added that the new restaurants will not pay activation fee; and those with up to two branches will be charged 15% commission during the first 30 days.

For its part, Rappi announced that it temporarily eliminated commissions for new restaurants on its platform; In the coming months it will lower the rates for those who already have a current contract, in addition to launching a credit program for restaurateurs.

Uber and Rappi thus join DiDi Foods, which this week launched a plan for restaurateurs registered in their platform can reduce the commission they pay to 22% from the usual 30% or receive direct financing from DiDi.

With information from Reuters.

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