UNAM supports you if you do not have a device to take your classes


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CITY OF MEXICO.- If you are a student of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), at any of its levels and you do not have a device to fulfill your tasks or take your classes, the call "Tablet Scholarship with Connectivity 2021" will to interest.

This call consists of the loan of a tablet with internet connection of 8.5 GB per month and SIM card, it will be open from January 29 and the delivery of tablets will begin in February and will conclude in November 2021.

For To participate in this call you will need:

Be enrolled in a UNAM campus Study initiation university, baccalaureate, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, during the period of validity of the call Have a valid and personal email Have Unique Registration Key Population (CURP). Telephone number. Current official identification or UNAM credential. Enter the DGOAE page or the Scholarship Portal, where you can find out details The call and make your registration in the INTEGRA System, provide username and password, as well as fill out the application for admission to the scholarship, with the socioeconomic questionnaire indicated.

Once the questionnaire is answered, you must keep the receipt issued by the INTEGRA system with finalized status, since it will serve as an acknowledgment of receipt

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