10 Digit Mobile Number Validation In Google Form


How do I validate a 10 digit mobile number in Google forms?

This regular expression matches anything with 10 digits. ... Here's how you do it:

1. Click on the form field you want to validate.

2. Expand Advanced Settings.

3. Check Data Validation.

4. Select Regular Expression, matches, and type 0\d{1,3}-\d{7,9} (this matches typical Malaysian phone numbers).

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How do I validate a phone number in Google forms?

Set up your "Phone Number" question in a form, then choose the Data Validation setting and Regular Expression. Insert the pattern below into the box and type your directions to the right. If not being able to make sure your data is consistent in a Google Form has always bugged you too, well, now you know how to fix it!

How to Create Data Validation for Phone Numbers in Google Forms

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Can we add validation in Google forms?

You can add response validation to restrict the answers that users can enter for a question. To add a response validation, select a question in Google Forms, click on ⋮ More icon and select show Response validation. The response validations that you can add varies by question type.

How to add response validation to a question in Google Forms?

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