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How do I change my Ansible password?

3 Answers. You can leverage the user module to quickly change the password for desired account. Ansible doesn't allow you to pass a cleartext password to user module so you have to install a password hashing library to be leveraged by Python.

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How do I put a password on my Ansible playbook?

You can create encrypted passwords with Ansible playbooks and use it. ... Summary

1. -i inventory : Set path to your inventory file.

2. --ask-vault-pass : Ask for vault password.

3. --extra-vars '@passwd. yml' – Set extra variable. In this case set path to vault file named passwd. yml.

4. --ask-become-pass : Ask for sudo password.

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How do I pass Ansible username and password?

How to Pass Ansible Username And Password?

1. $ sudo dnf install ansible.

2. $ sudo vim /etc/ansible/hosts.

3. [myservers]

4. $ ansible all -m ping -u ubuntu --ask-pass.

5. $ ansible all -m ping -u root --ask-pass.

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What is user module in Ansible?

Ansible user module helps us to manage user accounts in Linux systems including creating user accounts, deleting them, setting passwords, adding groups to each user, etc.

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