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A text to ASCII converter can be useful if you're doing cross-browser testing.For example, if you're making a web application that can't accept Unicode as input (for example, email field or age), then a quick test to check that the input text isn't Unicode is to convert it to ASCII codes, and check that all code point values are less than 255.


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Decimal to BCD Converter. Decimal refers to the base 10 number system. It is the common numerical base in usage. It uses base 10, with digits from 0 to 9. It refers to any number written in decimal notation. Binary coded decimal refers to the class of binary encodings of base 10 numbers.


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An ASCII to text converter can be useful if you're doing cross-browser testing.For example, if you're working with strings that are stored as decimal ASCII values in the database, and you need to decode them and write tests to compare them with human-readable strings, then with this utility you can quickly do that.


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ASCII,Hex,Binary,Decimal,Base64 converter; ASCII text to binary converter; ASCII text to hex converter; Base converter; Binary converter; Binary to ASCII text converter; Binary to decimal converter; Binary to hex converter; Binary to string converter; Date to roman numerals converter; Decimal to fraction converter; Decimal to percent converter ...


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May 31, 2020 · Online calculator for bitwise XOR operation on text in ASCII or numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal, & Hex formats.. Multiple input numbers (even greater than 2) are supported by applying bitwise operations successively on the intermediate results.


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CSS Unit Conversion Calculator; HEX Color Converter(HEX to RGB) ... Addition of Two's Complement Calculator ; ASCII Convertor; ASCII to EBCDIC Convertor; BCD To ...


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