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Trouble returning char array / string - Programming Questions

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Aug 1, 2017 · Trouble returning char array / string ... the function returns: http://c-faq.com/malloc/retaggr.html ... Lastly, str in loop is an array.


Return Char Array from Struct via Function: cprogramming - Reddit

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Sep 11, 2019 · Return Char Array from Struct via Function ... that I'm missing something fundamental about C and this isn't just a compiler or IDE quirk.


Receiving garbled `char` array returned by a function

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It's because you're returning a pointer to a local variable. You are only returning the address in memory where your char array is allocated ...


Return char[]/string from a function [duplicate] - Stack Overflow

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Im fairly new to coding in C and currently im trying to create a function that returns a c string/char array and assigning to a variable.



Can you return a char array in C?

If you want to return a char array from a function, you should declare the function as returning char* not char. But you seem intent on returning the contents of a char array, rather than the pointer that the C language pretends is the same type as the array. C just doesn't let you do that with arrays.

[SOLVED] C - returning char array pointer - LinuxQuestions.org

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Can you return a char array?

Functions cannot return C-style arrays. They can only modify them by reference or through pointers.

Pass and return a char array. - C++ Forum - Cplusplus.com

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How do I return a char pointer to an array?

That said, what you really want is to declare makePointerCopy() to return a "pointer to a pointer to char": because, in the end, you will return the pointer to the first element of the return array. Another important point: you declared you "cOut" as local variable to a function.

Returning an array of char pointers - Stack Overflow

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What is the return type of char?

The CHAR function accepts a decimal integer and returns the character identified by that number converted to ASCII or EBCDIC, depending on the operating environment. The output is returned as variable length alphanumeric. If the number is above the range of valid characters, a null value is returned.

CHAR: Returning a Character Based on a Numeric Code

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