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What is the return type of char?

The CHAR function accepts a decimal integer and returns the character identified by that number converted to ASCII or EBCDIC, depending on the operating environment. The output is returned as variable length alphanumeric. If the number is above the range of valid characters, a null value is returned.

CHAR: Returning a Character Based on a Numeric Code

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How do I return a char pointer?

Or instead of char file[30]; do a dynamic memory allocation : char* file = malloc(30); then you can do return f; and it will work fine because f now is not a pointer to a local variable.

Returning a char pointer in C - Stack Overflow

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Can I return a char array in C?

You can't return arrays from functions in C. You also can't (shouldn't) do this: char *returnArray(char array []){ char returned [10]; //methods to pull values from array, interpret them, and then create new array return &(returned[0]); //is this correct? }

Returning an array using C - Stack Overflow

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How do you return a char from a function?

7 Answers

1. char* ch = new char; creates memory for ONE character, and assigns it to variable ch.

2. ch = "Hello Heap"; assigns to variable ch pointer to readonly memory, which contains bytes "Hello Heap\0" . ...

3. return ch; returns the pointer stored to variable ch .

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