Change Url In Address Bar Javascript


How do I change URL in address bar?

There are basically two ways to change the URL displayed in the browser* through javascript without reloading the page.

1. window.history.pushState(“object or string”, “Title”, “/new-url”);

2. window.history.replaceState(“object or string”, “Title”, “/another-new-url”);

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Can JavaScript change URL?

You can redirect a web page to another page in a number of ways including server-side redirects, HTML meta refresh redirects and JavaScript redirects.

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How do I change the URL in the address bar without reloading the page?

HTML5 History API allows browsers to change the URL in browser address bar without reloading or refreshing the page using pushState function. The pushState method works similar to window. location but it does not refresh or reload the page and it will modify the URL even if the page does not exists.

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How do I change my browser address?

Open Google Chrome, then select the three, vertical dots next to the profile icon. Select Settings, then under Appearance, turn the toggle for Show home button to on. Choose the option you'd like to use: New Tab page or Enter custom web address.

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