Find Uncommon Elements In Two Arrays Javascript


How do I find unique elements between two arrays?


1. Create an empty array that would store the unique elements from the two arrays.

2. Iterate over all elements of array1 using a loop.

3. Set the initial flag value as 0 for each iteration.

4. In that loop Iterate over all elements of array2 using another loop and check if array1[element] is present in array2.

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How do you compare two arrays of objects?

To properly compare two arrays or objects, we need to check:

1. That they're the same object type (array vs. object).

2. That they have the same number of items.

3. That each item is equal to its counterpart in the other array or object. That they're the same object type (array vs. object vs. string vs. number vs. function).

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How do I compare two arrays in node JS?


Step 1: We need to declare the function with two parameters. function compare(arr1,arr2){}

2. Step 2: We need to Initialize an empty array. function compare(arr1,arr2){ const finalarray =[]; }

3. Step 3: We are taking the help of forEach method in Array. protoype. forEach(). ...

4. Step 4: Returning the final Answer.

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How do I compare two arrays in typescript?

“typescript compare array” Code Answer's

1. Array. prototype. equals = function(arr2) {

2. return (

3. this. length === arr2. length &&

4. this. every((value, index) => value === arr2[index])

5. );

6. };

7. ​

8. [1, 2, 3]. equals([1, 2, 3]); // true.

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