How To Concatenate Two Variables In Vba Function


How do I concatenate two variables in VBA?

How you concatenate strings varies by programming language, but in VBA you simply add an ampersand between your strings to combine them into one string. Just like most other VBA tasks, there are many different ways to combine VBA strings, but the & operator is the best way.

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How do I concatenate strings in VBA?

To concatenate multiple strings into a single string in Microsoft Excel, you can use the & operator to separate the string values. The & operator can be used as a worksheet function (WS) and a VBA function (VBA) in Excel.

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How do you concatenate integers in VBA?

VBA Concatenate Strings – Example #2 Step 1: In the same module let us start another subprocedure as shown below. Step 2: Declare two variables as an integer for the integer values. Step 3: Then assign some values to these integer variables. Step 4: Now let us use the addition operator for the concatenation.

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How do you concatenate two variables in Excel?

Combine data with the Ampersand symbol (&)

1. Select the cell where you want to put the combined data.

2. Type = and select the first cell you want to combine.

3. Type & and use quotation marks with a space enclosed.

4. Select the next cell you want to combine and press enter. An example formula might be =A2&" "&B2.

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