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How do I get the value of a specific key in Python?

This article describes how to get the value from the key of a dictionary ( dict type object) in Python.

1. Specify the key with [] (KeyError for non-existent keys)

2. Use dict.get() to get the default value for non-existent keys.

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How do you find the key of a dictionary using its value?

Method 3: Using items() items() keep dictionary elements as key-value pair. Step 1: Iterate through all key-value pairs in item(). Step 3: Return the key from the key-value pair.

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How do I randomly select a key from a dictionary in python?

Use random. choice() to get a random entry items() on a dictionary to return an iterable of its entries. Call list(iterable) with iterable to convert this iterable to a list. Call random. choice(seq) with this list as seq to return a random entry.

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