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How do I save Blob server?

“nodejs save blob image to server” Code Answer's

1. var imageBuffer = request. file. buffer;

2. var imageName = 'public/images/map.png';

3. ​

4. fs. createWriteStream(imageName). write(imageBuffer);

5. ​

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How do I add a Blob to my server?

“send blob file to server” Code Answer

1. var fd = new FormData();

2. fd. append('fname', 'test.wav');

3. fd. append('data', soundBlob);

4. $. ajax({

5. type: 'POST',

6. url: '/upload.php',

7. data: fd,

8. processData: false,

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Can Javascript save to a file?

@user1756980 - Yes. You would need to "Save To File" from that new tab. @JesseChisholm you can do that in javascript. just create an anchor tag in a variable and put the download attribute on it (like so: a.

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How can I convert Blob to mp3?

After you send your blob binary file to the backend, you can use node's ffmpeg library to convert your file to another format. First, run npm install ffmpeg , then copy the code below. path/to/new/file. mp3 , which is where your new file will be created. ... Encode An mp3 File Using ffmpeg

1. HTML.

2. CSS.

3. JS.

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