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Kotlin Apprentice, Chapter 7: Nullability | raywenderlich.com

Updated: 4 days ago
Note: You can add a question mark after any type to create a nullable type. For example, nullable type String? is a nullable String .


2. Basic Kotlin - Kotlin Cookbook [Book] - O'Reilly

Updated: 4 days ago
You want to ensure that a variable is never null. Solution. Define the type of a variable without a question mark. Nullable types also combine with the safe ...


Nullable types - Kotlin Quick Reference

Updated: 4 days ago
A nullable type is a variation of a type that permits null values. You declare a type to be nullable by adding a question mark after it: var s: String?


Support ternary conditional operator 'foo ? a : b' : KT-5823 - YouTrack

Updated: 4 days ago
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16336500/kotlin-ternary-conditional-operator? ... prefer the ternary to a larger if/else is when quick building strings.


Comprehensive Guide to Null Safety in Kotlin | Baeldung

Updated: 4 days ago
Feb 8, 2021 · If we want to create a nullable reference, we need to create append the question mark(?) to the type definition: var b: String? = "value".


Kotlin Tips & Tricks (1): there's no need for ternary operator. - ahmed ...

Updated: 4 days ago
Nov 24, 2020 · Kotlin said I don't have ternary operator, it's bad for ... His hairstyle resembles a Question Mark ... val nullableString: String?


What does ?: do in Kotlin? (Elvis Operator) - Stack Overflow

Updated: 4 days ago
The Elvis Operator is represented by a question mark followed by a colon: ?: and it can be used with this syntax:Android question mark after variable [duplicate]Single exclamation mark in KotlinKotlin Ternary Conditional OperatorWhat is the Kotlin double-bang (!!) operator?More results from stackoverflow.com


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