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How long does a Groupon voucher take to process?

Please allow up to two hours for your order to process. When your order successfully processes, we'll send an email confirming that your purchase is complete.

Order Status Is Processing or Pending - Groupon > faq > topics > articles

How do I find my Groupon purchases?

To view or print your voucher:

1. Head to My Groupons on the app or website.

2. Select View Details next to your purchase. On the app, select the order itself.

3. Select View Voucher.

4. From this page, you can print your voucher.

How to Find and Manage Groupons in Your Account > faq > topics > articles

How do I see my past orders on Groupon?

Head to My Stuff. Select Contact Customer Support. Select your order. Choose View Order Details.

Managing Your Account - Groupon > faq > topics > articles > title=Managing Your Account

Can I view my Groupon voucher?

Log in to your Groupon account and you see your user name in green at the top right corner. Hover over this with your cursor and a drop down menu will appear. Select ''my groupons" and view your voucher to obtain your Groupon code and security code.

Where do I find my Groupon voucher? - Grangeprint > help-centre > purchase > where-do-i-find-my-groupon-...

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