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Add or remove member tags | Mailchimp Marketing API Reference

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Add or remove tags from a list member. ... The trigger_settings object returns information for the first email in the ... Delete a promo code from a store.

“remove a item from list python” Code Answer's

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myList.remove(item) # Removes first instance of "item" from myList. 2. myList.pop(i) # Removes and returns item at myList[i]. remove item from list python. a item from list python

How to delete the item from the list - Stack Overflow

Updated: 3 days ago
As suggested in one answer you can use the $index mechanism to remove an object from an array. You have to delete both from items array and ...Best way to remove elements from a list - Stack OverflowHow to remove an element from a list by index - Stack OverflowIs there a simple way to delete a list element by value?More results from stackoverflow.comMissing: Python | Must include:Python

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